Things I'm interested in

Reach out if you'd like to talk about or need help in any of these areas. I'm open to collaboration, helping make connections, and being helpful.

Analytics and ML

I’m excited about data analytics and practical applications of machine learning.


Working on my startup. I focus product strategy, growth, and all the things that break.

Career Coaching

It's tough navigating careers and interviews alone. I think I can help you.

Business Strategy

I'm excited to discuss business strategy and clever, but sustainable business models.

Product Management

I like building products and talking to users. Let's make something people want!

Design and UX

I will most likely judge you based on your UI/UX design 99.9% of the time 😉.


Startups and Incubators.


I'm the Co-Founder of Castodia. We connect your spreadsheets to live databases, data warehouses, and APIs to simplify data analysis.

Creative Destruction Lab

I was part of the Creative Destruction Lab as a student and as a founder. Helped interviewing ventures and students at some point too. Learned a lot here.

NEXT Canada

I'm an alumnus of the Next 36, an entrepreneurial leadership and founder development program that selects 36 individuals from across the country. We received mentorship by some amazing entrepreneurs and education by amazing faculty.


I was the Co-founder of 11factorial – an event solutions provider. Our main products were premium nametags for conferences and event analytics software. In less than two years after founding the company, we grew to over $100,000 in annual revenue.


Business strategy, product management and engineering.

Ernst & Young

I was a Senior Consultant in the Advisory Services where I helped clients solve strategy, operations, and technology challenges. I’ve worked for clients in the financial services, telecommunications, technology, design and manufacturing industries.

Bell Canada

I was a Product Manager at Bell, where I planned the entire mobile device line up for Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile

National Instruments

I was also a Product Manager at National Instruments, where I worked to create and launch new products to market and grow product line revenue. Some of the areas I’ve acquired expertise in are business strategy, business development, new product launch and distributor channel.


I worked in software R&D at BlackBerry (mobile applications). I was awarded the RIM Scholarship for my accomplishments and leadership (basically working hard and being a good intern)